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TEN-934-42 Ten Squares: Collection CF - Colorful Colorstory by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

Carolyn Friedlander says "It shouldn’t be a surprise, but I LOVE grids. There’s something wonderful about clean lines and repetition, and grids epitomize that. Plus, once you get a good grid on some fabric, it’s really fun to cut it up and sew it into a project! 

Grids can add a nice structure to piecing as well as some delightful contrast to curvy shapes and appliqué.

This is my Grid Group, which is part of my basics line–Collection CF. "


To view fabrics used in this roll-up click the link below:


About the Designer:  Carolyn Friedlander is a designer working from her hometown of Lake Wales, Florida, an environment she enjoys for its warm weather, few distractions, and potent community of creative folk. In her work, she draws inspiration from features of the Florida landscape--its long leaf pines, palmettos, scrub land, sand, vibrant colors--as well as her background in architecture.