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Batting 45" Rayon NATURAL

45" Wide - By the Yard - Eco-Friendly

Warm & Safe is an Environmentally Friendly Naturally Fire Retardant Quilt Batting made from a remarkable, new patented fiber that is manufactured in a GREEN facility using a cellulose process.This remarkable batting starts out as quick growing plantation trees not in competition with food supplies and the renewable wood pulp is biodegradable. By design, the fiber has a high silica content making the fire retardant properties built in from the start.  The fiber is processed by using state of the art needle-punch technology that does not use glues and resins to hold the fibers together. They are gently needle-punched into themselves giving this batting a soft hand and breathable warmth. Warm & Safe will not melt, flow or emit toxic gases when exposed to heat and flame. Since Warm & Safe's fire retardant is inherent it is non-toxic, non-allergenic and does not contain PBDE's. Quilt it up to 6" apart. No pre-wash required and once quilted it can be machine washed and dried. 45" wide sold by the yard, Warm & Safe Eco-Friendly Naturally Fire Retardant Batting from the makers of Warm & Natural.