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Twilight Garden BOM Block 02 Muscari

# CAH3550 Twilight Garden Block of the Month Block 2 Muscari by Meg Hawkey from Crabapple Hill Studio

That gentle twilight in the garden, when the light is low and everything is slightly blue. The birds settle down for the evening and sing their sleepy, evening songs. This quilt brings that calm, soft feel. The piecing is simple and within the reach of any beginner. The embroidery has a smattering of more advanced stitching, but is for the most part, very easy and quick. The tinting just brings the entire thing alive… in a sleepy kind of way! 

Are some flowers more fragrant in the evening, or is it just that we’re usually more relaxed, quiet, and receptive to their scent? I've always loved Muscari and their gentle fragrance! This little pot holds them nicely so they can show off their satin stitched flowers and fancy little plant marker. The design is for a 6" finished block.