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Quilt Out Loud

Make a (quilted) statement with the help of renowned quilt artist Thomas Knauer! Explore methods of using text in quilting to create impactful or whimsical messages.

How do letters, numbers, words, and sentences change when used on a quilt rather than a screen or piece of paper? Statement quilts are an emerging trend within the modern quilt movement. Quilt artist Thomas Knauer's quilts follow the craftivism movement and emphasize social justice issues. From the most serious to whimsical, Quilt Out Loud teaches techniques for making text a part of the readers' quilts. Each chapter focuses on a particular technique, such as raw-edge appliqué or piecing in Morse code, and explores its conceptual implications.

Craftivism is a rising trend where quilters are using text on quilts to make a statement and take part in social movements

Explore methods of effectively incorporating language and data on quilts, whether profound or playful

Learn how to use appliqué, quilted text, binary numbers, morse code, and more for self-expression

About the Author
Thomas Knauer lives in Clinton, a small village in Upstate New York with his wife, two children, a rabbit, and a dragon. He has designed fabrics for several leading manufacturers. His work has been exhibited in quilt shows and museums across the country, including the International Quilt Museum, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and the Quilt Festival in Houston.